When the witches want to bring thunder, they plunge their hands in the water a certain way


All morning…..writing about project, field trips….organising, uploading photos……NOTHING UPLOADED!!!??!

Is tumblr broke???

Got a LOT of photos to upload and go through of my recent trips to the amazing Yester Castle in East Lothian.

Here are the first few on the way to find the castle.

I shall post responses etc once all are uploaded.


A beastMonsters & Madonnas: A Book of MethodsWilliam MortensenSan Francisco: Camera Craft Publishing Co., 1936.


A beast

Monsters & Madonnas: A Book of Methods

William Mortensen
San Francisco: Camera Craft Publishing Co., 1936.

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The Devil & The Disobedient Child

Would be interesting if I tried to recreate a similar feel using the cardboard cut prints for my FMP project. hmmmmmm.


The Devil & The Disobedient Child

Would be interesting if I tried to recreate a similar feel using the cardboard cut prints for my FMP project. hmmmmmm.

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Final Pieces for Drawing and Painting rotation.

Following on from my development work which was fairly small scale I decided to do a much more detailed and larger series of A1 and A2 prints for the final outcome.

"Death by a thousand cuts"

In total cutting cm long slashes with a scalpel into a A1 hard board took 3 days to create an overall and continuous effect. Although it was a pretty arduous task there was also an element of catharsis and taking ones self away when producing this work -it became a fairly ritualistic event, which brought me full circle back to my initial idea of rituals and practices.

I am extremely happy with the end products and feel that I have stumbled upon something really very interesting and one that I intend to bring forward, with further experimentation on my Final Major project.

As mentioned before in a strange round about way I feel I have remained honest and true to my initial concept for this project - i couldnt use salt in the way I would have initially thought after seeing the work of Motoi Yamamoto - that is his domain and one that I wanted to be respectful of seeing as it is an extremely personal project for him.

My use of salt came from a more abstract point of view -  apart from the small amount used in the print mix for texture - salt being often seen as a representation of the circles of life and a purification tool(especially in japn),the circles involved in my work, my feelings and love for japan and my thoughts for the people that lost their lives.

Additional images from development process

Development for my final piece on the drawing and painting rotation.

I choose to divert in a sense from my initial idea of using salt in my work, instead choosing to work with the patterns that were present in the whirlpools that followed the Tohoku earthquake in Japan, 2011.

This process was led to me by looking at the work of Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto(who works solely with salt to create stunning installations and sculptures). The patterns in his work are very reminiscent of whirlpool and storm like circular patterns.

So in a round about way I used my experiences of being in Japan and my experiences at the time of the earthquake and tsunami, watching the tsumani coming in live on JP TV and the devastation that followed was an incredibly scary experience. We had no idea what was going on, what was happening, would Tokyo be affected seriously or was this even the start of the predicated Tokai quake. There was a very real sense of the unknown and that my life may very well be in danger, which is a really strange feeling.

The actual feeling of the earthquake was one that I cant really explain and again one that I really thought the building we were in was going to come down on us, although strangely there was a strange serenity that came over me, there was no panic, just acceptance of what will be is what will be.

The unknown and the feelings of turmoil was one that I tried to touch upon with these initial paintings and prints - using a scalpel to cut out gashes on cardboard was a really interesting way to get across the feeling of uncontrollable motion. After making the print boards I then mixed blockprinting ink, indian ink and salt to paint on top and print onto paper using a roller.

I was extremely happy in what was the result of this process and continued on to my final piece.


More exciting work from the Jonathon Owen exhibition at the Ingleby Gallery. These are marble sculptures he bought at various antiques fairs which he manipulated by carving into and disjointing the figure. I love these works. By re-working the figure the artist - whether intentional or not - has brought into focus the original sculpture. I think this is wonderful as the journey of the work goes from old to new, a connection of time and a collaboration, albeit an unknown one from the point of view of the first sculptor. When I look at these works I wonder what the first sculptor would think? Would they like this piece and do they think it’s better or worse? 

The artist has created a chain within the marble which has naturally caused the figures upper half to fall to the side or fall forward. The idea that these statues are having a rest from their eternal stance is an interesting one. 

Last night I attended a talk by the artist himself. It was good to hear about some of the techniques and processes he uses when working.

woah! these are amazing!

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Hindu priest Babulal jumps out of a fire to signify the burning of the demon Holika during a ritual to mark the first day of the Holi spring festival, also known as the Festival of Colours, at village Phalen near the northern Indian city of Mathura March 17, 2014
Incredible picture
love the difference in line and marks