When the witches want to bring thunder, they plunge their hands in the water a certain way


My word to discuss with my group was contain. What resulted was quite an interesting discussion as to what that word meant to us and what we associated it with.

After going through the usual responses I found myself being drawn to the life and death cycle, that was contained in the Damien Hirst piece 1000 years.

The fact that the cycle is literally contained in this piece and also the fact that we as humans contain the cycle within us, as does everything within our universe.

This drew comparisons with a LP which I finally managed to get and had been listening to obsessively by The Haxan Cloak ; This is from a YT video of Bobby Krlic(Haxan Cloak) where he exlains the concept behind the LP.

"…once I had recorded the music and started to arrange it, a very clear story started to emerge and once I wrote the songs I crafted the narrative of the record around this character. Its basically about his journey towards death, which is why the last piece on the record is sort of this choral-requiem.."

The idea that the cycle was contained within the textures,sounds and frequencies of the music is deeply appealing to me and one that I wish to explore a lot more in the future. I shall put a link to an interview with him found on his tumblr which makes for very interesting reading to anyone interested in this sort of thing!

My plan is to either use the textures and patterns that I was experimenting with in the past 2 weeks to explore the nature of containment with the LP or(and more likely) I am going to do some automatic drawings whilst listening to said LP; letting my left hand interpret the music in whatever way it wishes. Thus, a documentation of the entire process of both the journey towards death and the physical representation of the sounds should become contained within the final piece.

  • 2 October 2013